a few words

about us


a few words about us

Supalife is a Direct Selling and Multi-Level Network Marketing Company, established in South Africa in 2018. SupaLife guarantees trust, quality, integrity, health and wealth. SupaLife aims to uphold its standards and ensure longevity in the market.

Our Mission

Is to make a positive impact to the health and wealth of our society by offering:

• A unique range nutritional and health product combinations that address specific body system requirements. We believe a healthy body is a wealthy body.
• Tools to equip and assist our distributors with the best strategies necessary to make the best of their footprint in the market place by ensuring a sustainable business.

Our Corporate Aim

Is to enable people from all walks of life to develop and enhance their health and at the same time create wealth that will impact their next generation.


There are great advantages in running your own SUPALIFE business, for example:


• Large amounts for capital.
• An office to work from. Your cell phone is your office these days.
• A boss – you are your own boss. Work your own hours.
• Any business experience. Just soak yourself with SupaLife training material.


• A desire to succeed.
• Time spent on your SupaLife Business. Recommended time is 4 hours daily.
• Perseverance and determination.
• The willingness to meet people and telling them about SupaLife products and business.